Welcome to our Restaurant


Our restaurant, the Lyabi House, is located at the Lyabi House complex in the heart of ancient Bukhara . “House,” in Persian means “pool.” For centuries the Lyabi House was used for daily ablutions and water supply for the city of Bukhara . In fact, dozens of these pools were linked by canals to form an effective but also deadly water supply for the city. Many suffered from the diseases born by water in ancient times. During the Russian period the pools were cleaned up and they now represent a much more leisurely “heart of the city.”

While you sit on raised platforms in traditional Central Asian style, surrounded by 500 year old mulberry trees, ducks, geese and ancient buildings, we will delight you with the delicacies of the Silk Road . We can also organize performances of folk music and eastern dancers upon request.

We are open all seasons with beautifully decorated indoor facilities, poolside dining and an elevated balcony. Don't miss out on this most unique dining experience.